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with rain. and back towards indiana and back down south the ohio and tennessee river valleys and that's spreading in our direction. think we will stay dry but the morning sunshine will give way to a few extra -- 50s and the s knocking upon us. at 65 at lunchtime and 70 as we get more clouds this afternoon. and clouds likely to stay with us for the rest of the week. we will talk about that in a moment. 6:45. here tanya with traffic. >> reporter: top side of the beltway okay at harford road but let's look near 7 # 95 at old court road. outer loop is slowing down. stop and go traffic to get around the 70 could take you 10 or 15 minutes. we are doing fine on the jfx at 41st street. noish tuesday report and very light traffic here. back to you. >>> the latest on the explosion in anne arundel county that lit a neighborhood up and left a man severely burn. it may have been a report of a poor decision. that happened on franklin avenue in downtown brooklyn park. victim is at the hospital where we find sherrie johnson on what went wrong. what was the bad decision? >> reporter: well, basically,
and indiana and that's what's charging in our direction. we will eventually start to moisten up a little more. we will go from mid-50s and sun this morning. 6:51 sunrise and push it to a partly cloudy 70 degree afternoon and clouds stay with us much of the rest of the week. tanya. >> reporter: in harford county 95 southbound at mountain road we have an accident there. the off-ramp to get from southbound 95 to mountain road is closed so we have to go northbound and turn around. let's look at 95. this is on the southwest side in arbutus. 59 northbound traffic is flowing-- 95 northbound traffic is flowing freely. the ram to 695 westbound is open. 895 at harbor tunnel, the traffic is knoll freely. traffic to the right is going into the tunt -- traffic is flowing freely. traffic to the right is going into the tunnel. >>> police are retracing the final hours of robyn gardner. her travel companion gary giordano is the lead suspect and this morning abc2's carin redmond is standing by. >> reporter: the lead investigators say the purpose of today's reenactment is to get a better understanding of the ex
playoffs starting. indiana fever, hosting the new york liberty in the eastern conference finals. pondexter, poked away by catchings. last touched by pondexter. that's good "d." next play is erin phillips. pullup jumper from the lane. and indiana's up 74-72. 1.5 seconds left in this one. pondexter, the jumper. and batteries not included. indiana wins 74-72. >>> you're up to date for now. and don't forget, for all your highlights, check out "the highlight express," on espn news. >> we both used to work in new orleans. a little lsu love. to see that score. >> very nice. >>> charlie sheen is showing off a new side of himself. a better side. months after getting fired, of course, from "two and a half men." >> a much calmer, for serious side, than from the internet rants from earlier this year. >> i realized i was pretty much losing. i would have fired my ass, too. i didn't really believe i had tiger blood. or adonis dna. these were just jokes. i'm single. having fun. and i pretty much -- >> not too much fun. >> not too much fun. i'm in work mode. >> obligatory mea culpa from charlie sheen. he h
in two homes in franklin, indiana. a young boy was discovered walking along the road. the bodies of two men and two women were found. it appears all died from gunshot wounds. >>> a campus back sale back fired. campus republicans are getting threats. the sale features a sliding scale where the price of the cookie or brownie depends on your skin color or gender. women are getting a discount. organizers say this is in respond to pending legislation that with make california university consider race or national origin during the admission process. >> we didn't expect threats to be made to the organizers of the event to burning down the table to throwing our baked foods. >> they will go ahead and have smetd their controversial pricing structure. they said it's to prove a bitter point. >>> diana nyad tried again for the record-breaking swim. this time it was a jellyfish that stopped her. she arrived in key west where her face was swollen from the sting. she had no choice but to call it off after medics warned her that another sting could kill her. >>> most of us take pride in our dog who will
indiana five people were found dead. police are still investigating and haven't said whether or not they're looking for a shooter or whether the shooter is among the dead. >>> there's a lot or questions we have than answers right now. i think that's obvious. there's a lot of if's and's and but the's. >> neighbors say they are concerned about their save the. investigators plan to release more information as soon as the autopsies are completed. >>> all right. nice shot of the inner harbor there. we got a little bit of sun coming out late, late in the day. for the most part we're still overcast with a few sunny breaks here and there. 78 right now. humidity 74%. statewide it was tough to buy much sunshine. there were a few breaks of sun. just a little bit of late sunshine coming through. we'll take it, take any sun we can find. rockville, similar scenario. cloudy with late clearing. same deal down in washington. mostly evercast day bush, again, a little bit of late sunshine. maryland's most powerful radar staying clear. i think it will remain clear tonight, tomorrow, early on. we'll bring in
such owner in indiana is trying to unload three buildings because the property taxes have gotten to be too much. >>> couple that with the economy that has turned down. the real estate market has taken a big hit. >>> now this particular owner is trying to do something different. he's posted all of the properties on ebay. >>> homeowners also feeling the effects of the economy. americans no longer see homeownership as an investment but instead as a place to live. a lot of people are under water on their mortgages. >>> well, police investigating the murder of a known criminal in the streets of annapolis, who police have arrested and why. it starts right now. >>> when is somebody going to turn off the faucet. >>> the first homicide of the year has happened in annapolis. we'll take you there. the victim was wanted on several warrants. >> these are the ladies and gentlemen at the proving ground. they find bin laden, fighting terrorist rest. >> the base realignment or brac is almost complete. >>> we want to start with the severe weather. our curves are all overflowing. this is the scene on norther
to an unforgettable home coming in indiana. her boyfriend's elaborate proposal is our favorite story of the day. d the stories are always so cool to hear. >> you have to hear the stories, any time, but especially now. we begin with the all-out ambush on texas governor rickck perry last night's debate. >> republican rivals attacked perry not only on social security, immigration, economic record in texas. abc's correspondent joins us now with highlights. good morning, brad. >> reporter: good. from social security to social and economic issues, each republican trying to stand out at laos night's debate. front-runner rick perry had to face his gop opposition. eight republicans courting the came out swinging. party support mitt romney tried to back rick perry into the corner for calling social security a ponzi scheme. but the texas governor fouought back. it has been called by a ponzi scheme by many people long before me. >> governor, the term scared seniors. social security is an essential program. >> you said if people did i iin the private sector it would be called criminal. that is in your book. >>
's that people -- they don't understand that it's hard raising nine kids, bringing them from indiana out here and keeping them together. >> michael jackson has died in los angeles this afternoon. >> reporter: for jermaine, there would be more than enough tears on june 25th, 2009. >> to hear my mother say he's dead, to hear her say this -- i lost it. reporter: amid a frenzy at the hospital, jermaine hugged his mother then took one last look at michael. >> and there he was laying there and la toya was there before us and he was lifeless. i touched his forehead, his face and it was still soft and i kissed him, i pulled his eyeballs to look into his eyes and i told him how much i love him and i'm going to miss you so much. and the kids came in and they were, you know, daddy, please, wake up, daddy -- but it was important for them to see him to get it over with. >> reporter: two years later, there is reason for encouragement. michael's kids spend time here? >> yeah, they were all here before they went up to the new place. >> reporter: who is looking after them now? >> my mother and staff and my ki
and may settle between michigan, indiana and ohio. that area of low pressure is going to do something similar to what tropical storm lee had done, although not the same system. that came out of the gulf and dumped almost a foot of rain in parts of maryland. this time we have actually tapped into a tropical type feed. that is going to combine with that area of low pressure that is going to lock everything and flow it up from the gulfstream and into the mid-atlantic. we could wind up with a few inches of rainfall, depending on where that low pressure happens to stackups and where it is going to lineup the conveyor belt of moisture. mostly cloudy and developing showers, 74. we can't really shake the moisture. 66 and fog and showers tonight. tomorrow afternoon we could have heavy rain. our best threat of flooding, showers linger in through the weekend. >> reporter: 70 westbound at maryland 97, that accident is clear. 29 southbound at frederick road, that accident is clear as well. the not so good news. let's take a live look at our camera at the beltway. volume in both directions. outer l
to play in the indiaa state -- indiana state fair now sugar land can be in the middle of a legal battle. >>> and you know up -- show up to do your work every day but what are you doing while on clock? a study looks and we will break it down when "good morning maryland" continues on this wednesday morning. thanks for waking up with us. it's 5:20. okay. say cheese! are you smiling yet? of course you are. especially since the new "let's get cheesy" menu starts at just $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open. >>> now "good morning maryland." >>> consumer alert this morning a study finds bankruptcies on the rise among college graduates when you pay more than 100,000 for a degree and make 33,000 coming out you don't need a business economist to figure out you will be in the hole. we are talking about bankruptcy and student loan defeats faults. it's easier to declare bankruptcy but if you do it at 23 you can't do it for ten years and your credit is shot. >>> japanese automaker subaru is recalling legacy and outback models due to a defect in the 2010 and 2011 model. bottom cover
and then on into indiana and up towards south bend and chicagoland they have rain. eventually that will sneak in our direction and we are going to deteriorate our conditions to enjoy what we have right now. which is generally clear skies and we should have our temperatures warming back up to 70 by lunchtime. and i am sorry about this afternoon but skies will clear and go mostly cloudy by this evening and clouds stick with us for most of the week. the forecast in a moment here's tanya with traffic. >> reporter: we are doing pretty well out there with light traffic so far trying to wrap up road construction. the ramp from 95 northbound to 695 westbound in arbutus is back open after being closed overnight. let's take a tour of 95 and see how things are moving along. this is right where i was talking about. that ramp to the left is back open from 95 northbound. up ahead on 95, the two right lanes are closed so stay to the left to get by. 95 north of white marsh boulevard no issues to report. southbound traffic to the right of your screen moving toward the beltway no incidents in your way. charley, back
in other parts of the country like illinois, indiana and california and ohio and michigan. >>> football fans are going to undergo extra security measures at nfl stadiums that started last week. usa today reports the nfl has new rules requiring fans to be searched from your ankles all the way up. last weekend week one a man snuck a stun gun into a game between the new york jets and dallas cowboys. three men were injured when he fired that weapon in the stands. >>> it was -- a boat show exploded and broke apart. also, what caused members of a football team to throw punches a minute before the game ended. we will have the details of that coming up in a bit. now, though, let's go up to new york for a check of this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: and in today's tech bites, it looks like facebook has another big change coming. the website is expected to launch a platform for sharing streaming media this week. that will allow friend to share the favorite music, tv shows and movies. the service would hike competition for websites that offer similar services. at&t is moving into the fast lane
recall. tyson fresh meats is recalling 131,000 pounds of meat distributed in tennessee and indiana and maryland, delaware and 11 other states. first signs of a problem happened in ohio when family became ill with e.coli and it tested positive for the bacteria. >>> check your child's toy box. little tikes is recalling 1.7 million toy tool sets and trucks. they could choke -- kids could choke on the toy nails inside the trucks and they were recalled in august 2009. the nails and red and blue and have a large round head. parents are urged to take them away from their children and call little tikes about replacement parts. >>> this morning northwest baltimore and the community are reeling after a couple died in a fire in their home. we brought this to you yesterday morning on "good morning maryland." 79-year-old donald patterson was former assistant principal and his wife was a former principal. they were on the second floor of their home in the 2800 block of mohawk avenue when the fire started. they weren't able to get out in time. they died of smoke inhalation. >> they had bond toget
of minnesota. going to have a slow crawl, drop itself around michigan or midwest ohio, indiana. it is going to park itself there. i want to show you right now, all the moisture and storms filing up from the southeast, this particular pattern developing storms around savannah, georgia and its way up coastal south carolina. all this added moisture pumping into the system. this is going to look like lee did. lee itself came onshore in southeast louisiana. dumped rainfall through the appalachians. this is not the same set up. we are going to take our low pressure and drop it to the south. you can see pumping in all this moisture. southeast winds this part of the world will always prove itself to add moisture off the atlantic. we have rainfall heavy tomorrow afternoon. this area of low pressure as we pump in steady, heavy rainfall. that is the problem here, get that old map out it this. morning fog could be thick, showers midday. quick peak at this forecast. maybe flooding on friday, 74. unfortunately, the threat of showers and storms continue through the bend into early next week. >>> camden tr
the beef from tennessee, indiana and some in maryland, delaware and 11 other states. the first sings of a problem happened in ohio when a family got sick. >>> little tikes has recalled 1.7 million toy tool sets and trucks, there is a potential for children to choke on the toy nails. they say plastic toy nail was recalled in august of 2009. they have alarming round head and are red and blue. parents are urged to take them away and call the company about replacements. >>> after weeks of waiting today extreme make over made their knock on a unsuspecting family. it happened around noon . the hit show picked the family after learning about the story of their 80-year-old home which is in disarray but th year-old son who lost his left hand helping his grandfather with projects to fix up the house. now despite that he-continues to help around the house and mentors at school refusing to let his disability change his life. as for the home it doesn't have a foundation, the ceilings just six feet high and the walls sagging. the plumbing is to bad nobody can enjoy something as simple as a shower.
is going to get cut off. it may settle somewhere southern great lakes, michigan, indiana, ohio, we are going to have to watch this pattern. this is really important, that area of low pressure is going to tap into the wind we have pulling up. this thing may start looking like what happened with lee, even though that was a tropical system area of low pressure stun stuck there. check out our forecast model with showers that pop up this afternoon and more moisture with the southeast early wind -- with the southeast wind. a chance of late showers and spotty showers and fog overnight. let's see if the fog is affecting anyone's commute. >> you definitely have to be careful out there. if you run into fog, slow down. visibility will be reduced. let's look at our live traffic cameras. the first one on 95 at 175. possible fog in this area but not so bad a little bit south in northern laurel. the fort mchenry tunnel, all the cars coming southbound. all of your lanes open right now. road work is clear so on 70 -- on 70. >>> this morning construction volunteers will sign up to take part in the e
angeles. >>> investigators say whoever killed five people in rural indiana is still on the loose. four members of one family and their neighbor were found dead sunday. police say they all suffered gunshot wounds to the head. a 4-year-old little girl found wandering around the crime scene is thought to be the only survivor. but police refuse to say how she is related to the victims. >>> and talks aimed at reaching a new nba labor deal resume this morning here in new york. players and owners met for about two hours yesterday. if the talks to end the current lockout don't continue later this week, the league will be forced to cancel more preseason games. >>> in baseball, the atlanta braves and st. louis cardinals are tied for the national league's wild card playoff spot. each team has one game left, tonight. >>> as for highlights from the american league race, here's will selva at espn news. >> good morning. the rays and the red sox both tied atop the a.l. wild card race. the rays, continuing their surge. hosting the yankees. bottom of two. scoreless game. ben zobrist goes down and gets t
driver. they are investigating the incident. >>> do you have an evil twin? an indiana woman says she did when she got busted for welfare fraud. authorities say that woman received more than 15,000 dollars from services from a fund that helps low income women with affordable day care. but authorities say she actually worked for the state and made more than $16 an hour. when she got caught she says this, get this, she says her evil twin sister actually did all this and stole her identity. problem is that she doesn't have a twin. she is facing fraud charges tonight. >>> actually i saw some stars and a little moon tonight and all that stuff. it was kind of neat. saw your evil twin. >> yeah looked better under a clear sky. my opinion rosie after this week. hey, man, tomorrow looks not too bad for saturday. the few scattered showers in the afternoon. some sun early in the day with any luck and humid all week. chance for few more showers going towards ravens game day sunday. but, optimistcally we will be drying out. >> sown good. we will be back after this. -- sounds good. we will be back after
. >> millions of dollars worth of damage done to that school. >>> the state of indiaana will pay -- indiana will pay mondayy for the stage collapse. >> the price tag they are offering to the victims families. >>> imagine driving into this. how does something like that happen to a driver going alongdown the road. we will explain when we return in just a bit.
. matt shubert in indiana caught two friends on his camera. you're looking at derek welles and eric middleton. he sees two friends on his camera. he says, i've got to do something. he contacts the police, contacts social media, but then he takes pictures and uses it as his facebook profile. hey, everybody, do you know these guys? >> within 36 hours, i received more than 500 e-mails. it just kept blowing up going viral. >> here's the twist. jared welles and derek webbi webbington are childhood friends of matt shubert's kids. the suspects are arrested, but here's another twist on this facebook story. derek webbington's brother made a public wall post saying, quote, i want to apologize to matt and dawn for my brother's violation on your home. our family isn't like this. it has been a real blow to us. you never would have guessed my brother would have done something like this. >> their reaching out has been nothing but warm to us. >> facebook couldn't have worked better for them in this case. >> in that case, it worked great. >>> there is a song called "don't talk to the bus driver."
. research from indiana university find a clean house leads to more active people. house work is also a great way to burn calories. in just one hour, you can burn 300 calories scrubbing dishes. or 400 calories scrubbing floors. just a few around the house tips to help keep you in shape. >> all right did you -- do you feel fit when you do house work? >> i don't know about that. >> do you play music while you eat? >> no, i don't do that. do you? >> not typically, no. >> mirror in the bedroom? >> i do have a mirror in the bedroom. you're getting a little personal. i don't know about this. >> slipped that one in, right. >> i'm so smooth. on medicare with diabetes. you may be eligible for an upgraded meter. >> if you're tired of stabbing your fingertips to test your blood glucose, we have news that could change your life. if you're on medicare with diabetes, then you need to know there's an alternative method for checking your blood glucose every day. you don't need to stab your fingertips anymore. the embrace meter from diabetes care club is easier to use and nearly painless. and the best news is
. >> australia. >> minnesota. >> minnesota. >> indiana. >> california. >> california. >> texas. >> texas. one more. all right. welcome to happy friday. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we want to tell you about. we'll start with the amazing twitter pictures. take a look at ocean city, maryland. a couple of shots were sent in after the tornado last night and waterspouts. here's the board, though. we plan our weekend. could texas be getting some rain today? in fact, they already are. and there could >> all of your friday weather was brought to you by samsung. oh, robin roberts? >> all the way over here. this is a great audience. ready for the weekend. >>> a lot of people are familiar with happy feet. the little penguin made his way from new zealand and was nursed back to health and released in the ocean earlier this month. it turns out, seaworld san diego was doing almost the same thing for a sea turtle, that spent almost two years rehabbing. and "gma" contributor, cameron mathison, has that story for us. >> reporter: the turtle found two years ago, just days fro
of inspiration as far as coming up as a young man from gary, indiana, that i have been able to proguess and do things that i thought that were really never possible. and to do things that i knew could inspire others. deeply rooted, we're talked about connections with world-class art and everyone is capable of it. including you. >> thank you. thank you, josh. love to you all. >> let's go to fenway park in boston, and and jacob, a red sox scholar and you said the sign with your little guys there, "we dream big." is the dream being realized? they're on field at fenway. how are they feeling right now, jacob? >> the words "we dream big" means a lot. they mean you can be successful in life and achieve your goals. because it helps children presevere in life. my dream is to work in law enforcement, to be a cop or anything to help out my community. so, i just want -- that's my dream. >> well, you hope you do. we thank you for standing out there and being part of this magical event. >> it was a big dream for us to do this and we couldn't have done it without our fantastic abc stations all across the nat
. ohio, indiana, illinois or michigan, that will determine where the moisture is. but the wide picture does indicate that we are spotty showers and down pours this afternoon. then as we go into tonight, another wave of rain. we're pushing heavier rain through the day to. fall arrives at 5:04. the rain will be falling into the afternoon and likely to have a burst of rain in saturday as well. the main line of moisture could line up off of the coast. a shift in the pattern could bring it onshore. we have to keep the threat of heavy rain into the weekend. 79 to. our 2 day -- degree. you can catch more on-line at
on the detz of five people in rural indiana. four of the victims were from one family, a husband, wife and two adult children. the other victim was a neighbor, sister of one victim said the family was involved with drugs. it appears also that the shooter is among the dead. >> tragic story. you can call this one a soon of the times. a study confirms more and more banks are charging customers more and more fees. that means fewer free checking accounts and hyperatm fees as we hear from abc's matt gutman the banks say it is the cost of doing business. >> reporter: just having the most basic banking product americans use, a simple checking account, is getting more expensive too. two years ago, 76% of all checking accounts were free. we learned less than half are. >> just another twist. like -- we don't have enough money let's stick it to them a little more. >> reporter: then the dreaded atm surcharge on the rise too. now averaging $2.40 for each transaction. banks say the government is squeezing their profits pointing to new reforms which cut in half how much they can charge each time you use a deb
it with more enthusiasm. >> it's from northern indiana where a wild turkey has become a workplace mascot for crews doing a big job at an intersection. some of the guys there call him tom while others insist on calling him kenny. >> whatever his name, he's been hanging around since the work began back in may. the workers just hope their favorite turkey will be okay when the project wraps and -- you know it says the interstate reopens to traffic on wednesday. i was thinking thanksgiving is right around the corner. >> tom i get, turkey tom. i wonder where they get kenny from? >> maybe one of the guys on the job? >> we'll be right back. you go next if you had a hehehered hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible ith a hoveround., tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor rand founder of hoveround., when we say you're free to see the world, we mean it. call today and get a free overound information kit, that includes a video and full color brochure. dennis celorie: "it's by far the best chair i've ever owned." terri: "last year, 9 out of 10 people got their hover
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